It's my way, my way! My way on da highway!

Stage 1 - Bending Genesis!

  • I'm here, meatbags! Get ready to witness the birth of Bender Token, the memetoken that'll bend the rules!
  • Get Bent Together! We're building a community that's as tight-knit as Bender's grip on a shiny treasure!
  • Ahhh this whitepaper! It's like reading the secrets of the universe, only way more entertaining!
  • Pinksale baby!!! It's time to rock and roll, securing our spot in the crypto cosmos!

Stage 2 - Hilarity Unleashed

  • Where's My Exchange, Baby? We're storming the crypto scene, getting listed on major exchanges like a boss!
  • Blackjack and Hookers! Hold your circuits, we're not literal! But we're bringing the excitement and fun, Bender-style!
  • Marketing? Yes please! We'll unleash a marketing extravaganza that'll make your head spin faster than a Bender's bend!
  • CEX then SEX - We're aiming for the big leagues, hitting top-tier exchanges like a meteor from Mars!

Stage 3 - Bender Media!

  • NFTs, baby! Own a piece of Futurama history with our mind-bending limited edition NFTs!
  • Comixes that'll make you ROFL! Get ready for hilarious adventures in the Bender universe, drawn with Bender's own metallic hand!
  • T1 CEX: we're coming for you! We'll dominate the top-tier exchanges like a Bender on a Bender!

Stage 4 - Get the universe

  • Bender merch, because why settle for anything less? Get your hands on the coolest Bender-inspired merchandise in the galaxy!
  • Top 5 meme coins, prepare for a Bender takeover! We're charging to the top like a rampaging Bender-bot!
  • Takeover, here we come! We'll conquer the meme coin universe, leaving our mark and revolutionizing the game!
So, buckle up and get ready for the mind-bending Bender Token RoadMap! We're bending the rules, unleashing hilarity, and making our mark in the crypto universe. Join us on this wild journey as we conquer each stage, spreading laughter, entertainment, and Bender-style shenanigans along the way. The future is bright, hilarious, and filled with Bender Token madness!